FORCE Automation Inc. is a robotics integration company that is highly skilled in developing solutions for material removal, polishing, inspection, work handling, serial marking and additional operations for any manufacturing companies. FORCE Automation Inc. provides turn key solutions utilizing advanced autonomous technologies for any shape and size part.

We use technologies such as force sensing, machine vision, laser profiles and other closed loop process controls. FORCE Automation Inc. is focused on helping companies to stay competitive by utilizing automation.


Industries we specialize in:

  • Aerospace And Energy 

  • Sand Casting

  • Die Casting

  • Investment Casting

  • Injection Molding

  • Ceramics Form Grinding 

  • Firearms 

  • Consumer Products 

  • Manufacturing 

  • Medical Components and Tools 

  • Hand Tools and Hardware

  • Military and Defense 

Application examples:

  • Material Removal in all Major Manufacturing Industries. 

  • Deburring

  • Brushing, Polishing, and Buffing

  • Edge Radius and Blending

  • Hard Tool Deburring

  • Coating Removal

  • Machine Tending and Work Handling

  • Inspection: Optical Vision and Laser Profiling.   

  • Dimensional Inspection

  • S/N Inspection, Cataloging

  • Stamping Inspection Mesurment

  • Degating, Cut Off, Separating Prats from Sprue and Runner  

  • Flash Removal, Grinding and Blending 

  • Laser Marking, Inkjet Printing

  • CNC Post Processing, line blending 

  • Soft Material Deburring

  • Blade Sharpening

  • High Speed Inspection

Part examples:

  • Industrial Gas Turbine (IGT) Components: Blade, Vane, IBR's Discs, Housings

  • Pump, Turbo, and Compressor Components: Intake, Manifolds, Open and Closed Impellers, Housings, Fan Casings

  • Aerospace Precision Ground Gear Deburring

  • Hand Tools, Cast, Forged, Welded, Wood or Metal

  • Musical Instruments 

  • Medical Devices, Forceps, Surgical Tools

  • Ceramic Spacers, Bushings, 

  • Electrical: Connectors, Lugs, Housings, etc. 

  • Firearms: Receivers, Barrels, Stocks, etc.

  • Automotive: Engines, Calipers, Wheels, etc.

  • Housewares: Faucets, Door Knobs, Handles, Pulls, Hinges, Decorative Components.