ABB is a leading supplier of industrial robots and robot software, equipment and complete application solutions. We’re at home in 53 countries and have installed more than 300,000 robots, supported by the broadest service network and offering in the industry.


Vapor blasting equipment for sale with Vapor Honing Technologies is like using the Lamborghini of blasting equipment. We manufacture vapor blasting equipment for sale built and engineered by users of blasting equipment bringing in a vast amount of mechanical knowledge. Since all of our products were designed by users this means we are focused on bringing the best user experience. In 2018 VHT decided that all vapor blasting equipment for sale is backed by a lifetime warranty yes you read this right a lifetime warranty. We have had huge success in all major markets and still strive to sale and build the best equipment in the world. Of course what good is a machine that cant be supported and repaired when it breaks. That’s why we’ve invested in high quality employees for the sales and after sales support part of the business.


ATI INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION is the world-leading engineering-based developer of robotic accessories and robot arm tooling, including Automatic Tool Changers, Multi-Axis Force/Torque Sensing Systems, Utility Couplers, Robotic Deburring Tools, Robotic Collision Sensors, Manual Tool Changers, and Compliance Devices. Our robot end-effector products are found in thousands of successful applications around the world. Since 1989, our team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers has been developing cost-effective, state-of-the-art end-effector products and solutions that improve robotic productivity.


New England Foundry Technologies showcases technology to keep manufacturers profitable for the next 100 years. We provide equipment for: Foundry Automation, Robotic Solutions, Additive Manufacturing, 3D Scanning, Simulation Software, Consumables, as well as Marketing and other consulting services throughout North America.


Whether you need to wash, blast, deburr, paint, spray, cure, or remove dust and debris, we can help with the right equipment. Simply, we make your parts look awesome!
We offer automated parts finishing equipment & systems to increase throughput, cut labor costs, reduce rejects, provide cleaner air, and show a return on investment. 
Blast & Wash Systems carries a complete line of parts finishing equipment for manufacturing.


NEXTEVA is striving to shape the future of media and technology. We escalate to create the best available content, provide technology services and constantly pursue innovation to delight our residential, business and wireless customers.


PROGRESS INC.provides engineering, CNC machining and prototyping services to help manufacturers develop and manufacture products.  Progress is a product design, manufacturing and prototyping company, providing engineering development services to many industries.  Low quantity production, pre-production and short run machining services are provided.  Progress has worked as both product lead and team member for product development efforts and can adapt to work in the manner required by the Client and the project.   We help our customers develop new products faster, more economical, and with no sacrifice in quality. 


"MINUTEMAN EMPIRE AUTOMATED SYSTEMS is the co-branded effort of two well-established technical value providers in the Northeastern United States. Minuteman Automation Systems (formally Minuteman Controls) has been supplying the New England states with quality components since 1970, while Empire Automation Systems (formally Empire Air) has done the same for New York State since 1990. We not only represent over a hundred manufacturers of cutting-edge technologies such as ABB Robotics, Schunk, Numatics, and Technifor, but also provide a high level of service to meet customer expectations. Our belief is in strong, collaborative, and lasting relationships that benefit both parties. We never want to "sell" you anything if it doesn't bring your organization value."


NORTON offers powerful, precise, user friendly solutions enabling our customers to shape and surface finish all types of materials even in the most complex and challenging applications. From abrasives to total job solutions, we deliver the right choices that increase your productivity while being friendly to your bottom line.


The igus® story begins on October 15th, 1964 with Günter Blase in a double garage in Cologne-Mülheim. In its first 20 years, igus® operated as a supplier of intricate technical plastic components. In 1983, son Frank Blase started to concentrate on full products like energy chain systems® and plastic bearings and established a separate marketing department. Between 1985 to 2015, igus® expanded from 40 to over 2,700 staff members distributed all over the world. igus® will continue to invest in expansion in the coming years. Modern materials have opened up further opportunities for innovative products.