MLB-4000 Automated Blasting Cell


MLB-4000 large footprint system for any sized company. Machine is designed to be configured for any manufacturing needs for wet blasting of parts. It was developed to be friendly for operator and programmer. This system has the most flexible configuration options due to it's larger platform size and higher load capacity robot arm. Capable of handling part weight up to 40 kg. Machine is designed to handle most complex of shape parts. Can be configure for single or multiple blasting guns to save operation time and aces hard to reach areas. Automated blasting can deliver more consistent finish and better throughput with less man power required.

Standard Equipment Configurations


  • ABB IRB-4600 – 45 kg. / 2.0.5 m. or 60 kg. / 2.05 m.

4600 60.jpg

Process Equipment:

·         60x48 inch blasting cabinet

·         2 Guns standard

·         12 mm tip ID blasting guns

·         Standard high-volume pump for up to 3 guns

·         12 ga. 304 SS enclosure

·         Closed loop filtration

·         Flexible gun adjustment

·         Minimum 60 cfm. air pressure

·         Water tight LED lights

·         Post process rinse

·         Post process air blast

·         ABB IRB 4600 60 KG

·         ABB IRC5 controller

·         Electrical controls cabinet

·         Build in HMI in to ABB Teach pendent

·         Safety package  

·         3 jaw or 2 jaw gripper

·         Part loading/unloading indexer or drawer system

·         Safety stock light

·         Safety loading unloading zone

·         Loading unloading main plate

·         Single part process programming

·         Part fixture

·         Maintenance access door

·         Steel base

·         Safety enclose

·         Machine light

·         Incoming air filter system with build in low pressure alarm


·         3 K sump heater

·         Blast walls

·         Up to 15 guns with 2 high-volume pumps

·         Updated SS high-volume pump

·         Abrasive density meter for high process control

·         Additional parts programming and fixture

·         Conveyor parts unloading

·         Quick tool change

·         Automatic part program detection