LTS-60 Robotic Cell


LTS-60 large footprint system for any sized company. Machine is designed to be configured for any manufacturing needs Deburring, Machine Tending, Inspection, Grinding, Assembly and much more. It was developed to be friendly for operator and programmer. The LTS-60 can be also used as a training cell to develop new process and test new equipment. This system has the most flexible configuration options due to it's larger platform size and higher load capacity robot arm. Capable of handling part wieghts up to 60 kg.

Standard Equipment Configurations


  • ABB IRB-2400 – 10 kg. / 1.55 m. and 16 kg / 1.55 m.

  • ABB IRB-2600 – 12 kg. / 1.65 m. and 20 kg / 1.65 m.

  • ABB IRB-2600 – 12 kg. / 1.85 m.

  • ABB IRB-4400 – 60 kg. / 1.96 m.

  • ABB IRB-4600 – 20 kg. / 2.50 m. and 40 kg. / 2.55 m.

  • ABB IRB-4600 – 45 kg. / 2.0.5 m. and 60 kg. / 2.05 m.


Process Equipment:

  • Force Torque Sensor Active Compliance option can be added to robot arm for consistent process control and media wear verification

  • Belt unit, 3HP, up to 3600 RPM, belt width ¼” to 2”, built in compliance, this unit can be used for material removal or final polishing

  • Stationary compliant spindle, reversible, wide range of digitally controlled speeds, can be fitted with wide range of deburring media and cutting mills. Standard equipped with CNC grade automatic tool changer

  • Inspection options include optical vision systems and laser profiling using Cognex, Keyence or ABB

  • Tool Station for up to 24 process tools

  • Grippers to handle a large variety of parts

  • Conveyor system can be easily added for fast flow of parts in a high production environment

  • Single or multiple part load and unload station

  • Automatic process tool change over

  • Automatic program selection

rendering for machines 28.jpg


High Speed Spindle, Tool Station for up to 24 process tools and ABB IRBP-A250 Positioner

rendering for machines 7.jpg


 2 Belt Unit and ABB MTD 250 Positioner