October 10,2018

Force Automation INC partners with Vapor Honing Technologies to deliver the next great thing in advance manufacturing

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Force Automation INC partners with Vapor Honing Technologies to deliver the next great thing in advance manufacturing

Force Automation announced today a partnership with Vapor Honing Technologies in providing Automated Solutions for industrial parts finishing.

Vapor Honing Technologies is like using the Lamborghini of blasting equipment. Combining with Force Automation experience in building automated equipment now customer is being upgraded to formula one in quality and speed of production. Automation is something that all companies are looking for in their production. Time savings, productivity and consistency is the major factor of automating a process.

Vapor Honing Technologies and Force Automation INC combine forces to create solutions for any size company. Automated blasting equipment is easy to use and easy to configure for different parts.

Any size and weight of the part we can make it work. Single or multi part process.

Combination of media and Robotic consistency will make production in any company more efficient.

Our solution can process up to 150 parts an hour in single machine.

Visit our website or call us for more information:

Vapor Honing Technologies

Phone: 828-202-5563

FORCE Automation Inc

Phone: 866-495-5221


July 6, 2018

Blast & Wash Systems partners with FORCE Automation, Inc.

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July 9th, 2018

Blast & Wash Systems announced today a partnership with FORCE Automation, Inc. in providing robotic integration for industrial parts finishing.

Terry Hopkins, President of Blast & Wash Systems, commented on the partnership:

“We have found a natural synergy with FORCE Automation, Inc. They work in many of the same industries that we serve. They’ve build systems to robotically automate parts finishing for the aerospace, medical and metal foundry industries"

With this partnership, we now offer the next level of manufacturing…… robotic deburring, grinding, drilling, sanding, blasting and a host of finishing operations.

Over the past 2 years we have experienced a significant interest in integrating robots with the finishing equipment we offer. This is a trend that is accelerating as manufacturers look for greater throughput, reduce repetitive finishing functions, and keep finishing departments lean.”

Blast & Wash Systems is a sales distribution corporation providing industrial equipment, abrasives, and services to the marketplace. Equipment includes blast equipment, parts washers, industrial air filtration systems, ovens, inline finishing systems, paint booths, vibratory systems, blast rooms and solvent recovery systems.