LTS-5 Robotic Cell


LTS-5, small footprint for small and medium sized parts. Machine is designed to be configured for many manufacturing needs; Deburring, Machine Tending, Inspection, Grinding, Assembly and much more. It was developed to be friendly for operator and programmer. LTS-5 can be also used as a training cell to develop new process and test new equipment.

Medium size footprint can save space which is important for companies.

LTS-5 can be placed closer to other equipment since it is using sliding doors instead of hinged doors.

 It is a turnkey cell that can be reconfigured as the process needs change

Standard Configurations


  • ABB IRB-120 – 3 kg payload, 0.58 meter reach

  • ABB IRB-140 – 6 kg payload, 0.81 meter reach

  • ABB IRB-910SC – 3 kg payload, 0.45, 0.55, 0.65 meter reach variants

  • ABB IRB-1200 – 5 kg payload, 0.9 meter reach

  • ABB IRB-1200 – 7 kg payload, 0.7 meter reach



Process Equipment:

  • Force Torque Sensor Active Compliance option can be added to robot arm for consistent process control and media wear compensation

  • 1 - 3HP, up to 3600 RPM Motor with built in compliance if needed, this unit can be used for material removal or final polishing

  • Stationary compliant spindle, reversible, wide range of digitally controlled speeds, can be fitted with wide range of deburring media and cutting mills. Standard equipped with CNC grade automatic tool changer

  • Inspection options include optical vision systems and laser profiling using Cognex, Keyence or ABB

  • Multiple tool station, can store different grippers to handle a large variety of parts

  • Single or multiple part load and unload station

  • LTS-5 its equipped with easily configurable dust collection grid

Configuration:   4 Motors, 1 High Speed Spindle, Multiple Tool Holder.


4 Motors, 1 High Speed Spindle, Multiple Tool Holder.