Meltio’s Official Integration Partner

FORCE Automation Inc. as Meltio’s Official Integration Partner to Boost Growth in the United States Metal Additive Manufacturing Market

New Britain, CT USA and Linares, Spain – XXXX / 2024.- FORCE Automation INC and Meltio ; a disruptive laser metal deposition technology manufacturer, today announced that 

FORCE Automation Inc. is going to play a key role in the building and support of the Meltio metal 3D ABB Robotic printing solutions in the United States market, as an official automation partner.

Meltio offers a pioneering metal 3D printing solution that enables industrial applications with a process built around welding wire, the safest, cleanest, and most affordable metal feedstock in the market.

FORCE Automation Inc. will focus on building a supportive ecosystem for Meltio’s technology in the United States territory partnering and driving business opportunities alongside technology centers, tooling machine companies, robotic integrators, academia, and industry. 

Force Automation will focus on integrating Meltio’s wire-laser metal 3D printing head into ABB’s robotic arms.


Meltio proudly announces its first official ABB Robotics Integration partner in the United States territory, FORCE Automation Inc.  

ABB Inc. released this statement: “We are excited about the opportunity to work together with Force Automation and Meltio on 3D printing solutions in the U.S.  Force Automation is a longstanding ABB Robotics Value Provider and is well positioned to support this new partnership.”

“We are thrilled to be working with companies like FORCE Automation Inc. as their expertise as well as customer-centric approach are exactly what we are looking for when incorporating partners in the Meltio partner ecosystem. Together, we will be able to cater to the ever-growing needs of the American market, specially in robotic arms integration with our unique wire-laser metal 3D printing head, and ease the adoption of metal additive manufacturing,” said Emilio Juárez, Sales Director at Meltio.

About FORCE Automation Inc.

FORCE Automation Inc. provides turn key solutions for any of today’s manufacturing processes. Our skilled engineers design completely integrated work cells that can combine many process steps into a single automated platform. Process step integration saves on floor space and cycle times as component handling requirements are reduced.

With over 45 Years of combined experience FORCE Automation INC. offers solutions for material removal, polishing, inspection, serial marking, pick and place, machine tending and material handling, laser welding.
FORCE Automation Inc. is focused on helping companies to stay competitive by utilizing automation.

FORCE Automation Inc. CEO Lukasz Poplawski
New Brittain, CT
Phone Number: 866-495-5221

About Meltio: 

Meltio takes metal additive manufacturing to the next level by developing high-performance, affordable, and easy-to-use metal 3D printing solutions using wire-laser metal deposition technology. The company’s mission is to delight customers, partners, and employees by pioneering the development of affordable metal 3D printing systems that are reliable, safe, and powerful, continually reinforcing their status as disruptors.